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The Voice - Prophetic Training

 This workshop is a highly focused crash course designed to release you into the prophetic ministry available to all believers. My goal is to teach you how to cooperate with God by the power of the Holy Spirit. It begins with very foundational teaching and ends with greater emphasis on doing the work of the ministry through activations. Whether you are experienced in prophetic ministry or wondering how to begin, this workshop will give you powerful and clear insights.


This Workshop is Perfect for you if:

  • You struggle with your prophetic operation
  • Have a hard time discerning the voice of God
  • To develop accuracy and get more detailed prophetic words
  • Increase your Boldness, Courage, and Love

Spring SessioN begins on April 27th. There are 2 convenient Times that are available!

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Selah - Journey to Closeness with God

This workshop is a highly intimate crash course design to teach you how to commue with the Holy Spirit. My goal is to teach you how to incorporate a oneness with God that will revolutionize your entire life. It begins with discussing our inner issues that keep us from connecting with God and ends with tools on how to have a thriving relationship with the Lord.


This Workshop is Perfect for you if:

  • Want to experience a greater depth of God's love
  • Have a hard time hearing God and want to hear God's voice more clearer and in new ways
  • Grow in your faith for increased results in your life
  • Never heard God speak to you

This Workshop begins to Late May! Make sure you are subscribed to get notified when this course will be available.


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