The Voice - Prophetic Training


 This workshop is a highly focused crash course designed to release you into the prophetic ministry available to all believers. My goal is to teach you how to cooperate with God by the power of the Holy Spirit. It begins with very foundational teaching and ends with greater emphasis on doing the work of the ministry through activations. Whether you are experienced in prophetic ministry or wondering how to begin, this workshop will give you powerful and clear insights.

Asking God questions simply creates space or an invitation in your heart to listen and wait for His reply.
— Your Prophetic Coach



Faith pleases God. I want to help you step out of your comfort zones
— Your Prophetic Coach




Hi, I am Your Prophetic Coach.

I am passionate about eradicating the spirit of religion and fear while imparting freedom in the hearts of those who desire to operate in the gifts of the spirit. The pastoral anointing upon MY life brings ease, sobriety and practicality to the lives of many. I have 10 years of ministry experience and I have dedicated my life to coaching and mentoring by providing applicable courses and trainings to enhance the life of others.

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If you are not satisfied after the first class, feel free to withdraw and receive a full refund.


I can’t purchase today! Will you do this class again?

Possibly. However, I cannot guarantee it. I provide classes based on the needs of my audience.

How long will Enrollment stay open?

Open Enrollment closes Friday, November 2nd at 11:59pm CST.

Is there a discounted cost for couples

Yes, married couples are encouraged to join and take the course together. There is a discounted rate for couples. Please email for prices for couples.

Are the courses live, or pre-recorded?

The courses are taught live. However, each class is recorded and a copy of the recording is sent to all students 24 hours after the class commences for that week.

Can I cancel if I do not like it?

Yes, there is no contract at all so you can cancel/withdraw at anytime. However, in order to receive a full refund, you must cancel 24 hours after the first class.

How will I join the class?

You will be sent a Zoom meeting id/links after you successfully purchase the course. You can access the course via phone, computers, or tablets.

I can’t be present for the entire class. What happens if I need to leave?

We understand you might be busy. All sessions are recorded and will be sent to you within 24 hours after the course commences.

Will I prophesy and/or Receive prophetic ministry?

Yes, Every student prophesies and every student receives prophetic ministry from myself and from fellow students.

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