Too many Christians have a commitment to convenience. As your coach, I will unearth your gifts and challenge you to utilize the prophetic anointing and gifts with no fear.

Destiny Life Coaching

Mondays/Tuesdays @ 7pm-9:30 • 60 MINUTES

This is life coaching with a prophetic spin to it. I will assess your past to discover if there are any issues that are preventing you from moving forward. We will review your present to determine what changes you need to make to walk into your future. Let me be your life strategist to help you walk into your future.

Destiny Life Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • Feel stuck or going in circles in Life.

  • Feel as though you aren't progressing in Life.

  • Need help actualizing and reaching your goals.

  • Need direction on your next steps.


Prophetic Coaching and Consulting

Mondays/Tuesdays @ 7pM - 9:30• 60 MINUTES

This is one on one coaching to help you become to prophet or prophetic person God has called you to be. I assess where you are and develop a plan to unlock new levels of operation while providing keys for stepping into a more consistent level of revelation

Prophetic Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • Need help increasing your prophetic perception.

  • Need help exploring the realms of your prophetic office.

  • Need help overcoming Fear.

  • Need help receiving and delivering a prophetic word on a consistent basis.


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