How the Holy Spirit changed my Articulation...


Have you ever taught something or maybe you offered advice to a friend and the same advice that you provided came back around to check you. Well.. That is what happened to me.

It happened LIVE on my last 'The Voice' training class. Now, the attendees of the class didn't know but God was testing me as well. Many times when we serve in God's Kingdom. The area that we serve in will often times build us and that is what happened. Unbeknownst to the attendees, God had told me prior to:

“Give everyone in the class a prophetic word and bless them”

So, prior to our final session, I let the attendees know that I will be doing this. I got on the webinar and I was nervous. I was like, God, it has been a while since I have prophesied to this many people back to back. But, nevertheless, I TRUST YOU! That single phrase launched me into a reliance on the Holy Spirit and I began to prophesy!

As I am prophesying, I am noticing a level of uniqueness to my prophetic flow, I began to see that my articulation changed and the content of the prophetic word was unique to all 17 people that received a prophetic word that day.

I left the webinar flabbergasted. I was like, Wow God! Then, the emails began to pour in as to how they were blessed. My lesson in this is to constantly remain open to the Holy Spirit. Trusting him can be risky at times but it is sooo rewarding! I am not sure when he will use me like that again, but I can rest assure that however He leads, I am diving in headfirst.

Marcus Allen, Your Prophetic Coach.

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Marcus Allen