I arrive to this trade show. There are several geniuses, experts, and industry leaders here. Many of whom that have developed some sort of creative solution for their field of expertise. I'm talking about very groundbreaking stuff that practically revolutionized their industry. Many of the these men and women had won awards for their achievements in their field. They were respected, honored, and revered. Now they are gathered in this large convention center presenting a speech of their research that was documented over a several years. The general theme of their research is to prove why their method and approach to their specific field of expertise is appropriate for this generation. I studied these men and women. Visiting each of them after their session was over. They were ahead of their time. I admired how each of their brains worked. They were artists. The way they processed, assimilated, and communicated information was impeccable. Each were from different fields of society such as financial, healthcare, technology, and many others.   I was there because I was presenting and providing my research in the religion field. This was the second year that I had attended this trade show and this was the second time I have had this dream

This has been a recurring dream for the past few months. The first time I had the dream. It was my first time attending the trade show and now last night when I dreamed it again. It was the second year that I attended. Have you ever had a recurring dream about something you were going to do or be in the future. These types of dreams are what I like to call destiny dreams. God basically shows you a glimpse of what he wants to do in your future. 

Having this dream has given me drive like never before.

This dream is significant to me because God has told me that I was a ‘genius’ or had a ‘brilliance’ about me that he placed in my life.  This word has often been confirmed by other prophets as well. I don’t say it boastfully. It's just that I often wondered why I understood  and communicated the “Prophetic” quite differently than others. Yup, just like you, I’ve had my own personal bouts with phrases like “you are crazy!” My presentation of the prophetic being different from how most communicate it has been a battle that I've fought for years. I have come to realize that it’s just my difference. If you ever heard me teach on the prophetic,

I like to say that I do my best to demystify the prophetic. Make it as attainable as possible, because quite honestly, It really is. 

I’ve had people say that, “Nah, it’s too simple for me! I need that deep revelation. My answer has humbly been, those are just not my people.  I like to call myself a Life Architect. Just like a natural architect can look at a blueprint and build a house. My grace and anointing is to look at God’s blueprint for a person's life and build a life through the creative power of the prophetic word.

Having this dream was a reminder to God of my difference and a reminder to stay true to how he has created me. I'm sure I will continue to reap insight from this dream about myself as I continue to meditate on it. (Job 33:16) If you keep having a recurring dream, I would advise that you investigate it. Don't expect to gain all of the insight from it in one sitting. As days past, you will still continue to reap insight from it.

If this is where he sees me, I'm going to roll with it. I'll be honest. It scares me a little, but God's plan for your life should scare you a bit. Why? Because it's going to take Faith to accomplish it.

Have you had a recurring dream? God may be trying to shed light on your destiny! 

Marcus Allen, Your Prophetic Coach 

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