I come home from work. Tired. Very Tired. Let me paint a picture.

The night before I barely got any sleep since my wife and I failed to get my daughter to sleep on time since someone left her favorite movie ‘Trolls’ playing repeatedly which involves a lot of singing. I found her singing ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake for the 3rd time. I promise. She’s seen this movie about a million times. After we finally get her to go to sleep, my wife and I get into a philosophical debate. I don’t know why my wife starts debates after 10pm. I promise we should record them because that’s when I believe we are a riot. I concede and let her have this one. Dark room. All lights off. And off to sleep I go. It’s after midnight.

Then, I wake up and head to work only to begin the busiest season of my job as a Quality assurance analyst. In a nutshell, it basically means I do a lot of repetitious software testing until my brain is fried like Frankenstein. I probably sound like Frankenstein when I come in the door, too. After a grueling day, my commute home is spent being angry at the weather and contemplating when I should move or when I should take another vacation. Let’s just say Chicago winters will alter your entire mood.

Finally, I make it home. By this time, I am disinterested and disengaged. I eat my dinner so fast and left very little room for breathing since this was day 10 of our fast. I finally make it to the couch and my wife and I engage in some random discussion after we spent some time watching David Letterman’s Netflix show entitled “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” which featured an interview with former president Barack Obama. We typically have very rousing discussions like this after watching thought-provoking interviews with well known figures.  

While we’re talking, I notice a look of distress on my wife’s face that she failed to hide while sharing some grievances that she had about her professional career. Almost instantly something happened in my soul. Something that was familiar but weird at the same time. It was like time stopped and I couldn’t hear my wife talking anymore. All I saw was her lips moving because I had instantly checked out. God begin to prompt my spirit that he wanted to deliver a word to my wife, but along with the prophetic word, I could feel his emotions towards my wife’s distress. I tried to describe God’s emotions to my wife.

I said,

 It’s like I feel his emotions for you right now. He loves you so much. His love is overwhelming. It’s different from my love. I feel my love for you right now and I feel His and it’s very different.

I immediately interrupted her and said, God wants to talk to you right now. She, being a prophet herself, was very use to these types of dealings from God and she immediately shifted her posture and was all ears. I begin to communicate God’s words to her. She confirmed that it was things she had prayed early that day and week and it seemed that instantly at that moment God wanted to answer. It was an amazing experience. There were several takeaways from this experience that I want to share with you.

Here is what I discovered:

-        God grace shows up in weakness. That’s when He is his best in us. I was so tired that I had no plans to minister to my wife in this way, but God had other plans. His strength invaded my strength. 

-        Also, I learned a new expression of the prophetic in my life which has occurred before but I never paid much attention to it. God often shares prophetic words to me for other people when they share their passions and business goals with me. This is where the ‘COACH’ aspect of my ministry comes from. What was unfamiliar was God allowing me to experience his emotions amid sharing the word to my wife. This was new. I know that in the future that I will be involved humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. God confirmed that this aspect of my anointing was for that. 

Moral of the story is… Even after 10 years, God is still unpacking parts of my prophetic anointing to me. I have not by any means ‘Arrived’. However, staying in a constant state of “Learning you” will teach you to learn the “God in you”. You are wired and manufactured a specific way and you must consult the manufacturer (God) if you intend to learn how he plans to use you. However, keep in mind that he will use prophets and prophetic people to read parts of the manual for you. *wink* Plus, God allowed me to experience His love for my wife. It’s a higher love that I am striving day by day to reach. 

Until next time,

Marcus Allen, Your Prophetic Coach




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