Today, I want to talk about something that I felt the Lord share with me. This is something that I have pondered on for about 3 days. The more I think about it. The more it blows my mind as God continues to build upon this concept. 

It’s 6am. I’m in worship accompanied with singing and weeping. I continue in this exchange of intense adoration to Him while He affirms, corrects, and revives me.  While I am caught up in this beautiful exchange, I say the one thing that many of us say in worship while we realize the our deficit. GOD, I NEED MORE OF YOU!  Yup, that’s it! The true heart cry of a worshiper. However, once I made this statement to God I instantly heard him say, You don’t need more of me! You need more capacity! Huh? I pondered, as I attempt to grasp what He meant. I carried on anyhow and finished up my worship to him  and prepared to  head to work. The word “Capacity” begin to echo in my ears. As I walked to the train in route to work, I said in my heart. “Lord, what do you mean?” He was silent. I arrived to the train and I take my seat and thought to myself “Well,  I guess I will look up the definition.”

Capacity – the maximum amount that something can contain.

As I read the definition, It became clear to me. Our souls are like glasses. Some of have large glasses and some of us have small glasses. God fills us with himself into the glass of our souls through worship, teaching, prayer and various other ways. Most importantly, that which we receive from God is given out through our service to humanity. He can only fill us with what we have the capacity to hold and we can only give out what we have!

After I pondered on this, my prayer began to change. I begin to pray and ask the Lord to increase my capacity! I want to be able to hold more of God. I want to hold more of everything that he is ~ Love, joy, peace, grace, temperance, long-suffering, authority, power, revelation. I need a larger glass!  I begin to realize that this is the cure for Christian burnout as those serving give all that they have and never ask God to expand their capacity to hold more or to re-fill them.

You may say! That is nice! But how do I do that??

Well… The soul is comprised of your mind, will, emotions and these 3 areas is where the work starts.

  1. Mind: You expand your capacity in your mind by gathering more scripture, revelation, and knowledge of God. You began to study how God thinks, what makes him happy, what he hates, what he loves, etc.

  2. Will:  You expand your capacity in your will by becoming less selfish and allowing him to confront areas of your will that stem from selfishness. Maybe you are protective or maybe you fear vulnerability to God in that way. Healthy confrontation by God and others will help us to remain submitted.  

  3. Emotions: You expand your capacity here by increasing your emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence means the capacity to be aware, control, and properly express one’s emotions. Instead of being afraid of them, allow God to take you on a journey to understand ‘WHY’ you feel the way you do! When you understand the emotions that keep you from being your best you, you will be able to address it head on so that you can express God’s emotions to humanity. 

If you do the work of expanding your capacity, you will be well on your way to holding more of God and pouring out even more to humanity.

Marcus AllenComment