I felt the Holy Spirit fall upon me!!

I wept uncontrollably and I begin to dance to the Lord. I shouted and praised God (I praised him hard). It was extremely undignified as the bible says. As I danced, I felt a sensation like fire on my legs. I felt warm sensations all over my body. Then, after I settled down. I stood there jumping and thanking God. Immediately, at that moment, I felt the FULLNESS of God’s love for me. Even after some time had passed, I could not stop crying. Immediately, I looked up. My cousins looked blank-faced. I guess they were thinking, "OMG, Marcus done caught the Holy Ghost”.  All of the adults were smiling and grinning from ear to ear because in their mind, “God truly was there if a teenager was praising God.” I've noticed that there always seemed to be a disconnect between the adults and the teenagers. I found this to be true for other churches as well. The other little kids were giggling. God only knows how bad I tore up the back area of the church. (LOL) After that service, I knew something in me had changed. I felt different. All of a sudden, I was conscious of what I did and had a desire to live right, think right, and act right whereas before I did not. Something in me wanted to please God in every way. Then, I felt an emptiness, but not an emptiness of soul. However, it was an emptiness of the knowledge of God. It was as if I did not know enough of God through the bible. Every time I had completed my reading for the day. I would often say in my heart. “I’ve got to know MORE” The bible became a vast ocean of knowledge and I was eager to dive in. It became my obsession. The Holy Ghost drove me to the point where I would binge-read for hours on end.  I even read Genesis to Deuteronomy in a weeks’ time.

The more I read. The more I felt him changing me. I was amazed at the person I was becoming. Then, something startling happened! I begin to recognize what felt like God’s voice. I would often hear him tell me to turn to a specific passage of scripture. At first, when I would hear these promptings in my heart, I thought it was just me and I was just randomizing scriptures I had read before. It was remarkable to find out when I would hurry to the passage of scripture and read it that it spoke to exactly to what God was doing in my life. This was my first experience with a ‘RHEMA’ word. It was as if the words would leap off the page.

In addition, worship and prayer took on a more personal and meaningful feel. Jesus became very real to me! By this time, I had a decent relationship with my father. He had moved to Florida while I was still in Mississippi. I would often visit for a week in the summer and would see him for the holidays since he would often come back home to visit my grandmother. However, at that time, I often felt like a burden to him and that I was the product of his bad decision to get my mom pregnant. I felt unplanned and not wanted, but since I was here. He had to do the honorable thing and take responsibility for me. This is part of where my PASSION to father the fatherless derived from, because I can relate to those DEEP emotions. Boy, were they deep!  I can often spot these type of men a mile away. The Holy Spirit would continue to unearth these deep emotions while somehow making me feel secure all at the same time! Little did I know that this was only the beginning of him dealing with my fatherless issues.

Soon after, I discovered that as I grew and longed to be like Christ, all of my relationships were starting to change! Some for the good and some for the bad and this part of the journey I was not prepared for…

Prophet Marcus Allen

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