Since I am a prophet, I am well aware that many people will follow my ministry in hopes that I will shed light on if they are prophets and if they function in this office. There isn't anything inherently wrong with that but the issue is we have so many people intruding into this office because they can prophesy well, may have had a dream, or have attended a prophetic conference (Yes, people still do that). As a result, we have much ministry damage in the name of “because I am a Prophet and this is what prophets do!” In an attempt to dissuade people from intruding into the office, there is style of teaching that primarily address reasons why you are NOT a prophet. While this teaching method has its own strengths and weaknesses, I believe the over-arching objective is to make sure that individuals do not step into an office that they are ill equipped, unprepared, and spiritually adequate to function in. However, this results in many disillusioned people struggling to know if they are prophets or not.

However, the question still remains. At what point does a person know?  That, my friends, is the “money” question and is definitely the one I have been asked the most. However, I understand the confusion and lack of direction that most feel because I was once you.

Unsure. Lacking purpose. Lacking identity. But for me, my introduction to this office was colorful story of rejection, frustration, walking away from the calling,  and being misunderstood.

Over the next several months, I have decided to write my journey to accepting my call as a prophet in hopes that with my testimony you will overcome your ministry insecurities, fear, and lack of identity. In addition, I want you to connect to my history so that I become more relatable. It has been a long 16-year journey.

I do not want you to use my story in hopes that find similarities that agree with why you may be a prophet, but instead I encourage you to take my life lessons, pitfalls, and successes to help you sculpt and identify the person that God is making you to be. Your uniqueness matters! Aside from being your prophetic coach, I uphold an ancient office and it has not always been easy. So, let us go back.

Before Your Prophetic Coach.

Before ANWA (All Nations Worship Assembly).

Before Chicago.

All the way to a small town called Columbia, MS. 

Prophet Marcus Allen

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