I have been doing several periscopes on how to build your relationship with God. However, I realize that there are large amounts of people that have never had the pleasure of hearing God speak for the first time. It brings me great joy to know that someone heard God speak to them for the first time. So, I have created this 3 – part guide for you!

Initiating the Conversation

Have you ever attempted to spend time with God and felt distant? Maybe you just don’t know where to start.  Have you tried spending regular time with God but somehow you still lack the confidence that you need? In this book, I will teach you how to establish the most important relationship you will ever have.

John 15:15 - Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

Let us first resolve one fundamental fact. God wants to have a relationship with you. He longs for you to know him in the same capacity that he knows you (Luke 12:7). You are valuable and you were created to connect with him. This is the overarching theme throughout scripture. However, the problem is our inability and lack of capacity to connect with Him. We seem to either overcomplicate the process or misunderstand how to approach the person that knows everything about us. I can imagine it is probably difficult to connect to a person that you may feel already knows you. What do you talk about? Where do you begin? In order to begin building an amazing relationship with God you must first the premise in which your relationship is built upon.

Friend Vs Servant

In my experience, I find that there are 2 mindsets that each believer possesses in their relationship with God. Both, the servant and the friend mentality define how we interact with God.

I have outlined the characteristics of both mindsets. Please take a close look at each characteristic and evaluate your

The Servant mentality:

  • Defined by works: This kind of person sees his/her relationship with God through the amount of work that he/she does for God. If they feel as if they have not accomplished much, and as a result they often feel unworthy to be connected to God.

  • God has to quicken them in order to hear from God.

  • God has to make the first step. This person is usually inspired to by an occurrence of an event that ultimately brings them closer to God. For example, maybe an high energy church service

  • Typically extremely hard on themselves. This person usually feels that God views them the way they view themselves.

  • May have a strong word life which results in a self-convicting lifestyle

  • Prayer and worship confined to time.

As you can see the servant mentality keeps you fearful to communicate and ask God the questions you that need. The scripture state that this person does not know what the master is doing. They become content with serving God and usually shy away from getting to know the God that they serve. They will have a fractured view of God and typically see God as a hard task-master or as a person who imposes a large amount of work on someone. As a result, they get burnt out and become easily overwhelmed and frustrate. They lose vision for their lives and attempt to “do it all”. They have not transitioned over into a beautiful love for their creator.  This results in a difficult mentality to see the things God has placed in them or the things that God has placed in others.

The Friend Mentality:

  • Not as religious; sees God as someone to get to know instead of someone to do things for.

  • Goes boldly before God

  • They approach God first to ask questions

  • Understand the concept of grace

  • May have a strong word life but understand the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Not only designates time with God but communicates throughout the day

The Friend mentality realizes, first, that their approach to God is a relationship. You will find that the person exhibiting the friend mentality will exhibit a closeness with God that is quite different from others. The scripture states that this person will have access to the Father through Jesus. This means there is a liberty in their relationship. God shares intimate details with this person concerning his life and the life those he meets. This person does not view their relationship with God as taskmaster; instead, this person serves out of love. They find great delight in serving God as a result they have longevity in their serving.

Marcus Allen